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Swarm Theory by Christine Rice

Swarm Theory by Christine Rice

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Swarm Theory
by Christine Rice
Publication Date: March 2016
Trade Paper; 372 pages; 5-1/4" x 8"
ISBN 978-1-938753-20-6

It was a time of hippies, heroin, and All in the Family. It was a time, in the small town of New Canaan—a fictional town in mid-Michigan—when developers gobbled up farmland and spit out subdivisions.

Against this backdrop, Swarm Theory’s interlocking narratives reveal the troubled lives of Astrid (a young woman trying to hold her family together), Caroline (Astrid’s best friend who has lost her mother to heroin), Will (a soldier struggling to make sense of life after being discharged from the Marines), and Father Maurice Silver (a priest caring for a young man dying of AIDS).

Nothing in New Canaan is quite what it seems.

Swarm Theory is a book that reveals life’s amazing contradictions—the wonderful and the profane, devotion and infidelity, understanding and revenge—through stories told from different perspectives. These stories investigate what happens when people come together—whether to do admirable or horrific things. Here, intimates and strangers alike can’t help but be intertwined; their unpredictable journeys providing a backdrop for characters complex, honorable, and not.

Swarm Theory reveals our often misguided, dark, and life-sustaining dependency on each other.