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Loser Makes Good by Greg Gerding

Loser Makes Good by Greg Gerding

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Loser Makes Good
(Selected Poems 1994)
by Greg Gerding
Publication Date: July 2008
Trade Paper; 286 pages; 5-1/2" x 8-1/4"

A colossal voyage of self-exploration, inebriation, social deviation, and intimate relations. I’ve set sail five times now, and each journey takes me deeper than the one before. Greg Gerding takes a lot of risks with form, style, and content, and they all pay off. There is an unassuming quality to his written voice that takes the reader by the hand and guides them through discovery gently… interacting versus berating. There is a refreshing lack of pretense, and Gerding successfully manages to focus his work on himself without even a hint of self-indulgence or narcissism. We live in a vapid, trite, unforgiving world, and it’s so easy to give up and let it roll over you and pin you down. Loser Makes Good is a reminder that it’s much more fun to start dancing your own personal jig around the awful world and its awful people, to concentrate on your own music and keep hoping that eventually all the maddening Muzak outside you will fade away.