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The Idiot Parade by Greg Gerding

The Idiot Parade by Greg Gerding

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The Idiot Parade
(Selected Poems 2000 – 2005)
by Greg Gerding
Publication Date: May 2011
Trade Paper, 338 pages; 5-1/2" x 8-1/4"

Greg Gerding is no stranger to failure. His quest for the heart’s Holy Grail began with Loser Makes Good, and the bloody battle raged throughPiss Artist. Bottle in one hand, ballpoint pen in the other, Gerding valiantly stormed the constructs of complacency. His bold mission effected unexpected collateral damage; inebriated introspection annihilating stale social convention. He rampaged against religion. Slayed stupidity. Mocked mediocrity. Engaged ennui. Challenged bias to a duel. Drank duplicity under the table.

In The Idiot Parade, the final volume of the Loser trilogy, our brave and bawdy knight (gasp!) sobers up. In a surprise ambush, our “devoutly devoid” drunk goes dry. He continues to bleed out his wounds in poetry and prose; every exploit is diligently chronicled so that we might learn from his mistakes. Gerding is a soldier of the human spirit, a veteran of vicissitude, a patriot of passionate progress. His courage inspires us to make our own choices (however poor) and design our own destiny (however flawed). He fights for our freedom to fail, and fail, and fail again.

Gerding’s innumerable war wounds remind us to live. Live stupidly. Live loudly. Live selfishly. Live laughably. Live lustily. Live desperately. Just, live.