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The Burning Album of Lame by Greg Gerding

The Burning Album of Lame by Greg Gerding

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The Burning Album of Lame
by Greg Gerding
Publication Date: February 2005
Trade Paper; 112 pages; 4" x 7"

As Reviewed in The Espresso, April 2007 Issue
When I read Greg Gerding’s work, I feel like a voyeur. I’ve snuck into one of his hiding places, pulled out his private “don’t-you-dare-open-and-read-this” journal, and can’t let go. Despite the title, there is nothing lame about this book. His work is raw, gritty, honest, insightful, disarmingly well-crafted, and emotion-laden. It will bring tears to your eyes (for a variety of reasons) and leave you wanting… wanting? No. Needing more! – Terrie Leigh Relf

As Reviewed in Twiggs Poetry Magazine, April 2005 Issue
Greg Gerding accesses a generation raised on crude language and a decaying society and reveals that beneath the anger, angst, and false machismo there is something human. He sees and reflects a gritty world, a realistic world, and yet dreams of, and through implication, lives for, a perfect world. Gerding has produced a book for the times, a book for this generation, but also a book for anyone who enjoys brutal truth in a deliciously chocolate shell of dark humor. The laughs and the insights are about equal, coming much of the time together. – Alan Gilbert