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American Dust Revisited by Brian S. Ellis

American Dust Revisited by Brian S. Ellis

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American Dust Revisited
by Brian S. Ellis
Publication Date: January 2013
Trade Paper; 136 pages; 5-1/4" x 8"
ISBN 978-1-938753-06-0

American Dust Revisited was nine thousand miles in the making.

Author Brian S. Ellis traveled to and through nearly every physical and mental state in America, breathing in the dusty experience and coughing up his unique perspective. Ellis shared his life and words with people of all walks along the way, each step a contribution to this, his third collection, the most expansive and explosive yet.

Ellis is a lyrical and authentic storyteller. In this variegated voyage, he explores the elements that drive us, and those we drive ourselves. He illuminates the forces at work in and around us, prompting us to audit our own choices. What and when become far more relevant in the context of how and why.

Ellis redefines the distance between here and there, between past and present, between them and you.

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