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Predators Welcome by Dylan Krieger

Predators Welcome by Dylan Krieger

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The second book published by LIMIT ZERO Publications, exclusively distributed by University of Hell. 


Predators Welcome
by Dylan Krieger
Publication Date: March 2024
Trade Paper; 138 pages; 5-1/4" x 8"
ISBN 978-1-938753-48-0

Predators Welcome is a book of poems written by one sibling in search of another. Eager to recover some shared mythology with the rest of the world, the speaker of these poems calls for a witness—any witness—to confirm that the frightening cosmologies of childhood were more than just isolated daydreams. Challenging, broadening, and redefining our understanding of predatory animals—and, yes, that means us—this book lays bare both personal and societal cycles of violence and neglect, suggesting their intergenerational reenactment is one way we paradoxically prove ourselves to be a single human family, “raised by the same wolves,” with ancestors whose stories must not only be told, but lived and relived. Trapped in such a paradoxical circumstance, the human-as-predator is most dangerous, and yet, most connected to and emboldened by history. In this way, these poems urge us to find commonality not merely in past atrocities, but in a present and future rebellion from historical precedent itself.

“Coursing through a cauterized national-cultural landscape, transmogrifying spent notions of Self, The Other, and many a vaunted We, Krieger’s dionysian fury—Krieger at the mic—is a riveting art form to behold. Gaining devotees by the day (I am one of those Kriegies), her poetics evinces a strength of intellect and flow of feeling that’s singular in intensity. In Predators Welcome, we delight in the dismantling of All-American Redemptory Poetics (the hegemon of our times) through a nimble dialectics of Body & Alt-Body, Pain & Infra-Pleasure. Dylan Krieger is not a this-or-that brand of poet, but an accelerant to poetry itself.” 

—Rodrigo Toscano, author of The Cut Point (Counterpath) and Collapsible Poetics Theater (Fence Books, Winner of the National Poetry Series)

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