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Venue Voyeurisms by Greg Gerding

Venue Voyeurisms by Greg Gerding

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Venue Voyeurisms
(Stories) by Greg Gerding
(with illustrations by Joshua Krause)
Publication Date: October 2007
Trade Paper; 152 pages; 4" x 7"

Greg Gerding has tamed today’s inspirational shrew using a more direct approach – by getting her piss drunk. He found her, he grabbed her, he gave her ass a good hard pinch to stun her, and he started pouring liquor down her throat. And fortunately for the rest of us, she hasn’t left his side since. Together, inebriation and intoxication become illumination, revealing the obscure truths cloaked in the shadows of the visible world. Set them loose in San Diego after dark, and the die is cast for the first installment of Venue Voyeurisms – a collection of prose that is part poetry, part commentary, part philosophy, part geography, part psychotherapy, part history, and all epiphany. Gerding’s inimitable perspective generates a bold insight we lust for… he’s got inspiration right where we all want her, and with any luck, she won’t ever sober up.


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